I have been working progressively for the last 3 years over my ongoing artistic research project, which is about ”Mutation”. It is a multidimensional project but currently my areas of keen interest are social, environmental and humanitarian issues. Writing and research are like healing for me, it flourished my mental senses, I got my line of work through my diverse art practice, but I got confidence to walk continue on my path through writing theories and sketching over it. Initially I used my mother tongue for writing, it was like language of our thoughts, not strong by words but capable to identify our mental borders and identify how to cross it. Conversations and discussion over my work are like filters for my thoughts and filters for my implementation planning also. That was the process, by which I learned a lot. I learned to work systematically with different kinds of mediums for my ongoing work and learned how to being sensibly creative. I always prefer improvisation with situational surroundings. currently, I am working with diverse mediums like video, installations, sculptures and drawing.

I think processes of mutation has provided us the ability to get out of extemporary and present circumstances, to think ahead. This ability keeps creative processes or making of life on the move in the world; and while connecting all these processes I sees whole world as one form with infinite dimensions. Ongoing parts in proposal, presents in the manner of writing theories and implementation of those theories in to artworks. I like to write my own research based theories and create artworks on it. I am doing the same from the initiation of this project. This process of working create challenges and new borders to overcome. This process itself explore new mediums and way of visuals.