This is the beauty of mutation that we are able to discuss about the social and natural phenomenon on transformation happened in the past, because it’s the processes of mutation which has provided us the ability to get out of ex-temporary and present circumstances to think ahead. This ability keeps creative processes on the move in the world; and while connecting all these processes sees whole world as one form.

I’ve sorted out these two types by juxtaposing various periods of origin, achieved in whole human history and contemporary:

. Mutations done by Mother Nature, which were necessary to keep life moving on the earth

. Natural and social mutations, which came to existence because of human activities

Mutations done by nature: Mother Nature was never so unpredictable, we have made it unpredictable. On earth nature keeps life on move through two main processes, first is adaptation and the second is fusion. Fusion; because it inherit both destruction and creation, which makes it process not an accident. According to me any natural process or phenomenon is not as destructive as it is shown; rather human in his foolishness and sometimes in his pride of modernity comes between the ways of natural mutation and later faces the consequences.

Adaptation: Adaptation is such a processes provided by nature without which any kind of transformation or mutation is impossible, because its adaptation, which to determine creation or end through mutation keeps liveliness in existence. Rather many times liveliness gives birth to natural process by keeping harmony with vapidity by the means of adaptation. Adaptation is the reason why the existence of every kind of lively processes or lively components is fostering.

Dissolution: Dissolution is the final phase to conclude the processes of mutation, through this nature has constantly done new creation and will continue to do so in the future. By the end of the components amalgamating together a new element is born; components prepare themselves according to the conditions through adaptation and when time comes, for the origin of new component by undergoing the processes of mutation, merging in each others. Birth and creation is just metamorphosis of components. Earth is running like this from millions of years, there is nothing new.

Mutation which came to existence because of human activities:

Natural mutations imposed on nature by human activities: Continuously advancing lifestyle of human but impelling him towards insensitivity has imposed many mutations on nature, whereby ecological system has deformed. The authoritarian mentality of human has immensely damaged natural processes. When colonial period was at its extreme then tribes living in forests received epidemics and diseases from urban people, on the other hand flora and fauna were too recklessly exploited in this insensitive time; which caused the extinction of several flora and fauna species. Tribes which were depended on forest and were also imperative for the forests, in attempts to make them so called civilized were alienated from nature, because of which they got extinct gradually. Although fortunately there are still few tribes left, India has an island which is completely unacquainted to outsiders. As India has been a laboratory of colonial mindset for a long time.

Social mutation came to existence by colonial period:

The mutation which never let various social systems fondly involve with each other, colonial period is the biggest procreator of such mutation.

When period of imperialism & expansionism begun, then gradually many civilizations, nature accordant values, believes and cultures were succumbed by it, the idea of urban lifestyle & land expansion was exactly same as the endeavor to put one dish on one dining table in ten different vessels of shape, form, color and try to prove that these are all different dishes with different taste, whereas the truth were just its opposite.

But this period unknowingly proved to determine the destiny of mankind, many cultures ended during this period so were the new cultures born. This proved to be furtively beneficial for human civilization, because in this period people of all continents either migrated from one place to another or because of being colonized for a long time they got attached to these countries and now they are living there from generations. Africa and India are the best examples of this. But surprisingly these processes took shape in the atmosphere of hatred and conflict of colonial thinking and this the biggest paradigm of mutation. The thing which is clearly visible to us is that, those who left their home; the countries which had settled in other countries to rule, they also came out of the exploitative mindset, but still its effects did not end completely, many problems are originating today differently. For the long term and always relevant creation of any civilization there is lack of mutual acceptability, because only by accepting each other’s ideological, social and modern accomplishments better culture can be built for the mankind, which is yet to come in current perspective.

Social Inequalities: Whatever inequalities a society of a country or a region had, the imperialist forces used it as main weapon to increase the land expansion; ruling them by spreading more inequality and dividing people on the basis of religion, caste, color, profession. Inequalities still exist somewhere in whole world society, the main reason is the imperialist mind-set which always put two civilizations against each other, which caused friction and gave birth to internecine discontent between people, which is still continuing in some or other form. The history of exploitation of human by human is quiet old and this history has provided ground to extremist thinking at someplace in every little or big society in whole world. But to solve this problem, there is a great need to create mutations through social experiments, which is possible.

I will be working on the following subjects during residency:

. Natural Mutation

. Adaptation

. Dissolution

. Natural Mutation originated by humans

. Social Mutation and colonial Period

. Social Inequalities

My focused mediums of practice would be:

Installation, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing