Description Grey; as little as possible

Grey; As little as possible

As per my comprehension ‘Grey’ is a color of which’s reason for use and its position in the palette amidst other colors is same position as a grey image have in the human society.

It is absolutely like failure, enlightens the true values of life but if grown overly it kills the other bright colors life. If I only talk about colors without connecting it to anyone’s life philosophy that means I understand the perception of colors as transient. This would be ridiculous thing, i.e., while elaborating I am correlating the conditions of using grey and the particular time period of someone’s life.

“Grey has its importance and must become immaterial after a period; in the context of both palette and life.”

While speaking about ‘Grey’ it won’t exaggerating that, technically use of grey in painting makes color composition a lot easier. Here I would also mention that during painting only with black color and white (received as surface) I felt that to reach the apex of deepest black and brightest white I should use grey tones as little as possible. Grey tones centralize the painting on visual appeal, but I want express my thoughts with deep black and bright white in fewer movements on canvas or paper. It is essential for me to attempt for the apex of deep black and bright white.

Most of the people who talk about black and white, for them it is like a black and white film where to animate the pictures almost every tones of grey are used. But here I am talking about the deep black and bright white originating from inner self which is truthful and which comes out intrinsically while being expressed, which cannot be shadowed, cannot be molded; it doesn’t accept the mediation of grey and reveals itself by breaking it, because it knows that the presence of grey will never allow its absolute revelation.

That’s why in my series I am using grey as little as possible and while continuing with series my effort would be to vanish grey from works naturally.