Description eye a medium

                                                                         EYE A MEDIUM

Stability and instability of a thought, both of these conditions related to seeing or ignoring infinite visuals. Therefore, it is clear that the eye is the only physical medium given by nature to weave ideology, concept, or phenomenon.

 From the time of evolution of humans to the modern age, the mental, materialistic or spiritual strength achieved by human is directly or indirectly a result of absorption through visual. Whether it is absorption of things, feeling, perception, or bodily attractions, being attach to the loved object and gestures or repulse by unloving, insipid, or inelegant conditions, in all conditions long or momentary absorption through eyes are conclusive.

To make imagination transparent and clear, sometimes, it is necessary to imagine based on feelings instead of absorbed visuals. Here, I am using word “Absorption” instead of “Observation”, because in observation we were stuck in the outer surface of a visual without understanding its basic feeling. By absorbing, visuals soaked in the memory and we can feel these nano-visuals after many years by just remembering them.

Invisible movements of eyes in between peoples are more effective than the visible movements. I paint these invisible movements. Although it is a pure abstraction, an emotional activity; but as per my thoughts expressions of eyes are truly the incarnate forms of someone’s state of mind. That’s why in my paintings, I use eye pupils as base of work and produce different emotions in half incarnate and half abstract forms by changing their placement. Provoking dense emotions without any physical movement, giving reaction to any action or to express state of mind is strength of eyes. This is the reason behind the presence of eyes in my compositions, from a long time i am continuously working on this series and as the time passes new contents are added in my works without any repetition, and the forms to express them are also changed gradually. I am neither doing this intentionally nor trying to maintain similarity in forms. Actually it’s a quite natural flow. My subject depends on the ability of recognizing perception and emotions and feeling their abstract perspective, that’s depend upon how much time I spend painting while feeling perceptions, a result of which in long period, some natural portrayal can occur. And now I feel that this subject with time is getting more profound and comprehensive, incarnate, abstract, figurative forms are got engaged in this series naturally, which makes works more interesting, sometimes these are reason which encourage me for living in isolation, it provokes me to concentrating on work for nourishing my practice in its essential way, its impurities are also part of my paintings. I think eyes are the reason behind the birth of thoughts. Millions of forms are born while seeing or ignoring a visual or an affair.